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“For more than 30 years, our attorneys have been fighting for the rights of our clients. We have taken on the large insurance companies and have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for thousands of victims of car accidents.”

Car Accidents

Client: Unemployed woman in her late 30’s.

Case: The client was operating her ATV illegally on a gravel road.  After stopping to talk to a neighbor, she tried to make a “U-turn” when she was struck by a delivery van causing a severe injury to her ankle.  The insurance company for the delivery van denied any legal responsibility for the collision.  We tried the case to a McCleod County jury for 5 days and they found the driver 60% at fault and our client 40% at fault.

Result: Following the jury trial on liability, and taking into account our client’s share of the fault, we settled the case for $580,000.

Client: Family of three (husband, wife, and son) 

Case: The clients were driving to another family member’s birthday party on a northern Minnesota highway, when a car failed to stop at a stop sign and t-boned their vehicle.  Husband sustained injuries to his back and hip; his wife suffered injuries to her shoulder, which required surgery; and the son sustained injuries to his knee, which required surgery.

Result: We were able to recover $400,000 for the family, which represented the liability insurance and underinsured motorist insurance limits.  We were also able to negotiate substantial discounts on outstanding treatment bills and health insurance subrogation claims.

Client: 30 year-old professional.

Case: Our client was struck by a car while crossing the street in a marked crosswalk, sustaining a head injury and injuries to her back.

Result: We were able to recover $130,000, which represented the liability and underinsured motorist insurance limits.  Through our efforts, we were able to get our client’s health insurance company to waive the entirety of their subrogation claim, putting more money in our client’s pocket.

Truck Accidents

Client: 23 year-old man.

Case: Our client lost his big toe when he jumped onto the back of a New Holland skid steer loader to give it counter weight and the operator quickly lowered the bucket causing the cross bar to sever his toe.  We brought suit against the skid-steer manufacturer for improper design and warning.

Result: We settled the case for $180,000.

Client: 44 year-old industrial worker.

Case: Our client was on the job, delivering a large industrial heating unit to a buyer.  The buyer failed to adequately secure the heating unit as it was being unloaded from the truck by a miniature crane, and it fell on our client’s foot, breaking multiple bones in his foot.

Result: We were able to recover $175,000 for our client from the buyer’s liability insurance company.  We were also able to negotiate a substantial discount with the worker’s compensation company on its subrogation claim. 

Client: 21 year-old man.

Case: Our client sustained a back injury, while on the job, when a dump truck fell over in soft sand causing him a back injury.  After recovery of worker’s compensation benefits, we brought a personal injury claim against the truck company.

Result: We settled the personal injury case at pre-litigation mediation for $480,000.

Slips and Falls

Client: 63 year-old retired tax preparer.

Case: Our client was staying at a hotel in southern Minnesota.  As she exited the hotel, she tripped and fell on an unmarked step.  Our client sustained a compression fracture in her back. 

Result: Our client had her case turned down by multiple other attorneys.  After going to the scene and taking measurements and photos, we were able to determine that the step was in violation of city code, and we were able to recover $75,000 for our client for her injuries.

Client: 29 year-old stay at home mom.

Case: Our client slipped and fell on ice after filling up her tank with gas at a gas station.  Due to inadequate lighting, our client was unable to see the ice.  She fractured her ankle, requiring surgery.  

Result: We were able to recover $90,000 for our client. 

Client: Retired 63 year-old.

Case: Our client was exiting a fast food restaurant when she tripped and fell on a lip caused by a raised sidewalk.   Our client sustained a fractured hip. 

Result: We were able to recover $60,000 for our client for her injuries from the property owner’s insurance company due to the negligently maintained sidewalk.

Client: Retired 71 year-old woman who cares for her husband who has Alzheimer’s.

Case: Our client slipped and fell inside a grocery store on water that had pooled.  She sustained a fracture to her leg, which did not require surgery.

Result: After the grocery store’s insurance company denied liability, our client was turned down by multiple other attorneys.  We took the case and immediately started a lawsuit.  After discovery, we were able to settle the case for $45,000.

Dog Bites

Client: 9 year-old girl.

Case: Our client sustained a severe dog bite injury to her cheek by a German Shepard she bent over to pet.  She was left with a scar, which was susceptible to scar revision surgery in the future.

Result: We settled the case at pre-litigation mediation for $250,000.

Client: 55 year-old man.

Case: Our client developed an infection requiring surgery after 3 slight puncture wounds to his Achilles tendon from a dog bite.

Result: We settled the case for $180,000.

Medical Malpractice

Client: 72 year-old retired painter.

Case: Our client had a hip replacement.  The hardware used by the surgeon for the hip was defective, causing the need for a revision surgery and another hip replacement.

Result: We were able to settle our client’s claim against the manufacturer of the hip prosthesis for a confidential amount

Client: 90 year-old World War 2 veteran.

Case: Our client was being transported from the VA Hospital to a nursing home.  The transportation company failed to properly secure our client in his wheelchair.  When the vehicle slammed on its brakes for slowed traffic, our client was ejected from the wheelchair, sustaining lacerations, bruising, and a concussion.

Result: After the insurance company denied liability, we were forced to start a lawsuit.  The case settled at mediation for $92,500