The week of Halloween is a week of fun and excitement for children all across Minnesota.  Come Friday evening, children everywhere will flood the streets for trick or treating, many wearing darkly colored costumes that not only are hard to see, but often restrict the vision of the person wearing the costume as well.  Because of this influx of pedestrian street traffic, it is necessary for both pedestrians and drivers alike to exercise increased caution while out and about on Friday evening so that everyone can have a fun and safe Halloween.

Motorists should be sure to pay special attention and exercise an abundance of caution while driving on residential streets and near schools.   This caution can be exercised by making sure your headlights are working and turned on, staying off electronic devices while driving, driving at slower than normal speeds, and keeping a constant look out for pedestrians crossing the street at non-interesection areas.

Pedestrians should also take precautions by wearing some item of reflective clothing.  An adult should supervise all younger children and all pedestrians should only cross streets at designated intersections.  Precautions should also be exercised when crossing the entrance or exit of an alley.  Following these simple and easy suggestions will help keep everyone safe this Halloween!